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Mini GPS Tracker

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Mini GPS Tracker at the cutting edge of technology with built-in microphone. Whatever the reason, it is always in your interest to keep your valuables safe. 

This latest technology tracker has a powerful magnet that will allow it to be attached to any metallic place without moving.
Don't worry about putting it under a vehicle because it won't fall off and it's also protected by IP67 protection against dust and water. It is perfect for your vehicle, your motorcycle or for any use you want to give it!

RELIABLE thanks to its precision system. 
It is made of material SECTION High quality .
Works through the system GPRS (explained below) of 60 TCP/IP.
Of them MAGNETS powerful inside Mini Tracker.



LONG BATTERY LIFE: Thanks to the increased battery life, the Mini tracker can be used for 4 weeks without recharging.
LOCATION AND SECURITY: You will always know where your valuables are, you don't have to worry anymore!
INSTALLATION FACILE :  easily install the mini tracker which uses the strong magnets inside for extra grip. Just choose a place to hide it.
REAL-TIME TRACKING:  The tracker shows exactly where you are at that time. Keep an eye on everything using your phone!
INTEGRATED AUDIO RECORDING:  this unique built-in feature allows you to hear exactly what is being said on the Mini Tracker. This way you will always have the audio on hand in case you need it.

FOLLOWED BY SATELLITE  , that you allow follow your position at  any time , regardless of the distance.

Just use the app SilverCloud  to see your position on the  menu.  You  also receive alerts  if you move, which allows you to  react  as quickly as possible.


In GOOGLE PLAY STORE Where APPLE APP STORE, search "SilverCloud" or get the download link by scanning the code QR on the packaging, then download the app.
Long press the button from Mini Tracker, it will beep twice, then the LED will light up.
the Mini Tracker will appear in your app, just tap it to sign in.
You can now control the Mini Tracker from your app.


    Protecting your privacy is our top priority. Notre  application Mini Tracker does not store your information. All the details of account and tracking data is securely encrypted .


    Question 1: What is the battery life? 
    The duration time is 30 days, we test our device under normal conditions to get an average duration.
    Question 2: Do I have to pay any additional fees to use your Mini Tracker?
    The activation and use of the Mini Tracker are free. Once received, it can be used for life without any service charges. If there is a problem, you can contact us and we will help you with the process.
    Question 3: Your GPS works in GPRS, but what is the difference between a Tracker that works in SMS and one that works in GPRS?
    With SMS, we know where the tracker is at any given time, but we cannot know where it has been; we will not have historical coordinates of the tracker.By using the Mini Tracker, which works by GPRS, it is possible to send data (coordinates, speed, battery, etc.) as well as program alarm alerts.

    - 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee.

    - 24/7 support.

    - On our track my order page, you can check the status of your order at any time.
    Contact us if you need help processing your order.


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